6 Best One-Person Backpacking Tents for 2023

Ultralight tent for tall person
One-person tent for backpacking

If you are going hiking or camping alone, you want to find the best one-person tent for backpacking. There are plenty of options, including budget-friendly options, more luxurious tents, and lightweight ones.

No matter what you are looking for in a one-person tent, you will find plenty of great options below for your next solo camping or backpacking trip. And if you are looking for a tent to accommodate more than one person, see our tent reviews, including reviews on tall camping tents, screen tents for camping, and blackout tents for camping.

For detailed information, see our comparison table for one-person tents for backpacking and buying guide below.

Our Team’s One-Person Backpacking Tent Picks

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Six Top Rated One-Person Tents for Backpacking

# 1 – camppal 1 Person Tent for 4 Seasons

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The best one-person tent for backpacking is the camppal one-person tent. It weighs less than four pounds, so anyone can carry it throughout their backpacking adventures.

I like this tent because you can use it all year long and it is rain and windproof. The tent uses strong poles and fire-proof and anti-tearing materials. And, despite it being so durable, you can set it up in just three minutes. It comes down just as fast, and putting it back into its bag is not difficult.

It is plenty long at more than eight feet long, so it’s a great ultralight tent for a tall person. The extra length gives you plenty of space to store your backpack and other belongings.

If you backpack with trekking poles, you can use the poles to pull the tent door open as an awning.

And, if you come across any issues with the tent, there is a 30-day back guarantee. Choose from three colors: orange, green, and khaki.

# 2 – Clostnature 1-Person Tent for Backpacking

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Another great one-person tent for backpacking is the Clostnature tent. It’s a good weatherproof option with a firm outside layer and a waterproof coating.

I love this tent because it is super simple to set up, even if you have never pitched a tent before. The convenient carrying bag includes everything you need to set it up.

Here is what you get with the tent:

  • Carrying bag
  • Inner tent
  • Flysheet
  • Two aluminum poles
  • Four ropes
  • 14 stakes
  • One pole emergency repair kit

There is a one-year warranty and satisfaction guarantee if you have any issues with the tent.

Once you set up the tent, you can tightly seal the door, sides, and seams to keep the inside dry. This tent is a great choice no matter what season or weather you are backpacking in.

You can choose between green and yellow for this one-person tent.

# 3 – Night Cat Backpacking Tent for One 1 to 2 Persons

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The Night Cat one-person tent is great for backpackers who want a waterproof tent for all seasons. It rolls up into a small tent bag that is just 4.7 inches by 16.5 inches.

I like this tent because it is a little taller than many one-person tents, so you have some extra room to sit up without feeling squished.

Here are the color options:

  • Army green
  • Blue
  • Light green
  • Olive green
  • Orange

There is also a two-person option for this tent which is five feet wide instead of four. If you want some extra space for yourself or sometimes go backpacking with a buddy, the larger option is a great choice.

You can even use this as a 4-person lightweight tent if you are camping with kids.

# 4 – Sutekus Tent Camouflage Patterns Camping Tent Backpacking Tent

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The best one-person tent for backpacking that is closest to a standard tent is the Sutekus single backpacking tent. It is a lightweight tent under 1kg with a mesh top to keep out bugs but let in the fresh air.

I love how much space you get inside, given that the tent is only two pounds. The lightweight fabric has UV protection, so you can use it day or night.

There are three color options for this tent: camo, green, and khaki. It comes with a tent, two poles, four pegs, and a storage bag.

If you want something a little bigger that could fit two people if necessary, there is also a semi-double option.

# 5 – L RUNNZER Single Person Pop Up Tent, 1 Person Mosquito Net Tent

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If you are looking for a one-person tent that is super lightweight and sets up in just seconds, the L Runnzer tent is great.

I love this tent because it is one of the best lightweight tents under 1kg. And, to set it up, you just need to release the elastic strap, and it pops open.

Despite the easy setup, the tent can be used in every season. There is a mesh top to keep out bugs and let in fresh air when the weather is nice. Or you can use the tarp top to keep out rain and the bright sun. And the bottom is sturdy to keep you dry when the ground is wet or muddy.

There are five corners on the tent where you can put stakes to keep the tent on the ground, even in windy weather. And there is a double-sided zipper on both sides of the tent so you can easily get in and out of it.

# 6 – Backpacking Tent 1-Person

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Another great option is the backpacking tent for one person, which is great for windy destinations. There are windproof ropes and stakes to ensure that the tent stays in place whether you are in it or not.

Despite being strong enough to withstand the wind, it is still lightweight and has mesh walls to keep airflow.

I love how spacious the tent is because you have plenty of room for yourself and all your belongings. There is a gear loft for all your most important items. And you can put larger items in the inner mesh storage pockets.

You can set up this tent in just three minutes on your own. It is easy to carry with a weight of just under five pounds. And it folds up to a small size so you can stick it into your backpack.

Comparison Table: One-Person Tent for Backpacking

Ultralight TentPriceSizeWeightSeasons
camppal 1 Person Tent for 4 Seasons$110.9935.4″L x 35.4″W x 98.4″H3.75 pounds4 seasons
Clostnature 1-Person Tent for Backpacking$129.9987″L x 32″W x 36″H4.2 pounds4 seasons
Night Cat Backpacking Tent for One 1 to 2 Persons$64.994.72″L x 4.72″W x 16.54″H4.4 pounds4 seasons
Sutekus Tent Camouflage Patterns Camping Tent Backpacking Tent$29.9939.37″L x 33.46″W x 78.74″H2 pounds4 seasons
L RUNNZER Single Person Pop Up Tent, 1 Person Mosquito Net Tent$47.9982.6″L x 41.3″W x 19.7″H1.9 pounds4 seasons
Backpacking Tent 1-Person$49.9944″L x 38″W x 96″H4 pounds4 seasons

Buying Guide Questions: What to look for in 1 person tents?

The most important thing to look at in a one-person tent is the size. Will you have enough space for yourself and all your belongings in the tent? If it seems like a tight fit, go for something a little bigger so you are not uncomfortable after a long day of backpacking.

You should also consider the weight of the tent since you will be carrying it on your back for the entire duration of your backpacking trip. The lighter, the better, especially if you are new to backpacking, hiking, or camping and are not used to carrying everything you need on your back.

Finally, consider how long and hard it is to set up the tent. You are likely going to be alone, so you want the setup to be fast and simple. And the less time you have to spend putting up your tent, the more time you can spend enjoying nature and your solo backpacking adventure.

FAQs About One-Person Tent for Backpacking


One-person tents are perfect for backpacking trips, and you can even find some ultra-lightweight tents under 1kg.

The best overall option is the camppal 1-Person Tent for 4 Seasons which is affordable, and you can set it up in just three minutes.

Or you can try a one-person budget tent like the Sutekus Backpacking Tent.

Make sure you get the best one-person tent for backpacking before your next hiking or camping trip.