6 Best Backpacking Tent Cots

backpacking cot tent

If you want some good sleep on your next camping trip, you should check out some of the best tent cots. These tents elevate you off the ground when you camp so you can stay away from mud, water, bugs, and uneven dirt.

Read on for some of the best tent cots you can buy, including some two-person cot tents and cot tents with mattresses and bedding. And if you are looking for something extremely comfortable, check out our lumberjack sleeping bag reviews.

Top-rated Backpacking Tent Cots

# 1 – Kamp-Rite Tent Cot Original Size Tent Cot

Kamp-Rite Tent Cot Original Size Tent Cot
  • Crafted from the highest quality material
  • Perfect for outdoor and even indoor Use
  • Made in Canada

One of the best tent cots you can get is the Kamp-Rite tent cot, which is good for indoor or outdoor use. You can rely on this backpacking cot tent thanks to the high-quality material it is made from. You can use it in all four seasons.

The cot keeps you eleven inches off the ground and gives you a comfortable night’s sleep. You will not feel the bars under you when you sleep. And it is an ultralight cot tent at under 30 pounds.

I like this tent because it is easy to set up on your own, but it is still good for group camping if you need it. You can use it as a tent cot or a traditional cot in a tent.  The cot can also be used as a reclining chair when you are not sleeping.

There are doors on both sides of the tent for easy in and out. You can also open the mesh windows on each end to let air in.

# 2 – GYMAX Camping Tent Cot, Folding Tent Combo with Air Mattress & Sleeping Bag

GYMAX Camping Tent Cot
  • 【Drizzle-Proof & Sun-Resistant Design】Made of durable and tear-resistant polyester fabric, this camping tent is sun proof, which is ideal for camping, hiking, fishing or other outdoor activities. It also features with a front door which could be supported by poles to make a sunshade.
  • 【Elevate Your Experience】The sturdy metal frame of the camping bed enables the tent to cope with uneven road surfaces while keeping it 20” above the ground. This off-the-ground sleep shelter can effectively keep away from the wet mud and avoid the interfee of small animals.
  • 【4-in-1 Camping Combo】This all-in-one portable camping set includes a tent, a cot, an air mattress with pump and a bedding set, providing comfort and convenience that are not usually offered by traditional old style camping gears.

Another great option that fits two people, or gives you more room for yourself, is the GYMAX two-person cot tent. You can use this sturdy tent in all four seasons. The tent is sunproof, so you can use it during the day, and the front door can open up as an awning using poles for extra shade.

I like this tent because you are 20 inches off the ground, away from any dirt, water, and animals. It is also extremely comfortable thanks to the air mattress that is included, along with a pump and bedding set to go with it.

It is easy to set up, even on your own, and everything you need, including instructions, is in the carry bag. You will only need a few minutes to set it up, and it folds back down easily when you are done camping.

If you want a more affordable option and are camping on your own, you can opt for the one-person tent cot.

# 3 – Tangkula 5-in-1 Tent Cot, Camping Tent Combo with Awning

Tangkula 5-in-1 Tent Cot
  • 🌅5-In-1 Tent Combo🌅: The tent cot contains a camping cot, a tent, an air mattress, an air pillow (all covers included), and a sleeping bag to achieve 5-in-1 design. As needed, you could flexibly combine them as a bedding set, a tent combo or a sleeping tent cot for hiking, picnic or backpacking.
  • 🌅All-Weather & Elevated Design🌅: Best care for you in diverse weathers, the tent cot is made of 190T PU-coated polyester with proper drizzle resistance, while it comes with a large sunshade to block direct sunlight. Plus, the camping tent is 17” off the ground and has a bottom PE segregation fabric to avoid uninvited guests.
  • 🌅Strong & Stable Metal Frame🌅: The tent features a top central connector that tightly attach FRP poles for a strong frame. Also, the camping bed consists of X metal legs and anti-slip pads to ensure stability. More, the tent cot has more considerate details, like buckles, hook & loop fasteners, metal stakes and ropes for 330lbs weight capacity.

Another great tent cot is the Tangkula five in 1 tent combo. It is convenient to buy this cot because you get five items which are all you need. Here is everything you get with this tent cot set:

  • Camping cot
  • Tent
  • Air mattress
  • Air pillow and covers
  • Sleeping bag

I like the quality of this tent cot, as it is designed to withstand the weather in all four seasons. The outside has water resistant coating, and the door can flip up to be a sunshade. You are 17 inches off the ground with this cot, and there is a weight limit of up to 330 pounds.

The air mattress is a great benefit since there are nine-inch coils inside to make it more comfortable. You can step-inflate the mattress and pillow or bring an electronic pump, which is not included.

You can also get this as a two-person cot tent option for this tent.

# 4 – Nightcore Double Tent Bed, Portable Camping Tent with Air Mattress and Pillow

Nightcore Double Tent Bed
  • Stable and Durable Construction: Made of solid iron, the foot tube is steady enough to hold better stability and bear a great strength. And the canopy of oxford cloth and polyester fabric is waterproof, wear-resistant and scratch-proof
  • Ideal for Outdoor Use: With waterproof canopy and heat-resistant fiberglass support rod, this pop-up tent is perfect for outdoor use in all weathers, which will be a great addition to your family or couples’ camping, picnic, hiking, wild adventure, etc.
  • Easy Storage and Portability: The air mattress and pillow can unfold automatically for easy storage in the carrying bag. And to store it will not occupy your much space when not in use. The whole canopy with aluminum pipe weights very light

Another great option for two people, or a spacious one for one person, is the Nightcore Double Tent Bed. This heavy-duty tent weighs 50 pounds, but you can use it in all four seasons thanks to its solid iron material. The canopy is waterproof, water-resistant, and scratch-proof.

Despite its size and durability, I like this tent because it can fold up for easy storage and transportation. The air mattress and pillow that are included also fold up so you can put them in the carrying bag.

You can open up the side windows for air and views, but they also close up tight at night or in bad weather. There is a foot air pump included in the set, too, for you to inflate the mattress and pillows. The tents go up easily, and there is an instruction manual included to help.

# 5 – Kamp-Rite 2-Person Folding Off The Ground Camping Sleeping Bed Double Tent Cot

Kamp-Rite 2-Person Tent Cot
  • 190 TPU Nylon Fabric. Kamp-Rite’s Double Tent Cot is the two-person version in the line of Tent Cot products.
  • No-see-um mesh doors and windows; lightweight aluminum frame
  • Zippered openings at both ends of the Tent Cot

If you are looking for a heavy-duty tent cot, the best option is the Kamp-Rite two-person sleeping bed. You can use this in all four seasons, and while it is a bit big to fold up, it is lightweight, so you can take it wherever you need to.

The cot’s frame is made of heavy-duty powder-coated aluminum, but it is still lightweight. And you can adjust the frame and use the cot as a lounging chair too.

I like that both sides of the tent open up, so both people can get in and out easily. The doors close up for privacy but still have mesh along with the doors for some airflow.

It is also easy to set up the tent cot, and there are storage pockets on the inside so you do not lose your small and valuable items.

# 6 – Outsunny 2-Person Foldable Camping Cot

Outsunny 2-Person Foldable Camping Cot
  • CAMPING COMBO: This multifunctional portable camping set includes an off the ground tent, 2 person cot, air mattress with pump, and bedspread. Both the tent and the camping bed are foldable, which greatly saves space when not in use. Multifunctional bag for easy carrying and storage.
  • SEPARATE PARTS: This outdoor camping set can be used together, or you can use the detachable cot bed and mattress separately. The zippered tent and elevated cot keep you dry and warm from the wet ground
  • EASY INFLATE MATTRESS: Bring the comfort of home with this camping cot tent! The air mattress inflates quickly with the foot pump, and the bedspread creates a cozy bed for your camping adventures

Another great option is the Outsunny two-person cot tent. I like this as a backpacking cot tent for two people because you can use all the pieces as a set or detach them and use them separately if you need just a cot or a mattress.

Here is what comes in this set:

  • Off ground tent
  • Two person cot
  • Air mattress and foot pump
  • Bedspread
  • Carrying bag

I like that you can fold up the tent and the camping bed and put everything into the carrying bag for easy storage and transport. It is also easy to set up, so whether you are alone or with a friend, you can save time putting it up.

Everything in this tent cot set is built to last. The cot is made with fiberglass poles and PVC coating, so you can use the bed for up to 352 pounds.

Comparison Table: Best Tent Cots

Tent CotsPriceCapacityHeight (off-ground)Weight
Kamp-Rite Tent Cot Original Size Tent Cot$249.99111”26.6 pounds
GYMAX Camping Tent Cot, Folding Tent Combo with Air Mattress & Sleeping Bag$179.99 – 299.991-220”30 pounds
Tangkula 5-in-1 Tent Cot, Camping Tent Combo with Awning$189.99 – $369.991-217”29 pounds
Nightcore Double Tent Bed, Portable Camping Tent with Air Mattress and Pillow$299.99212”50 pounds
Kamp-Rite 2-Person Folding Off The Ground Camping Sleeping Bed Double Tent Cot$479.99211”51 pounds
Outsunny 2-Person Foldable Camping Cot$184.99216.5”45.1 pounds

Buying Guide Questions: What to look for in a backpacking tent cot?

First, you should consider the capacity and weight limit of a tent cot. You can get either a one or two-person cot tent. Two-person cot tents have more space and a higher weight limit which is something to consider if you want more room to sleep or if you are going to store gear in your cot with you.

You also need to decide if you want a mattress in your tent or not. You can get one of the tent cots above that come with an air mattress. It will make your cot more comfortable, but you will also have to carry around more stuff, which is not ideal for a backpacking cot tent.

FAQs About the Best Tent Cots


Tent cots are a great way to stay off the ground when you are camping. They keep you away from bugs and wet ground. You might also be more comfortable in a tent cot compared to a traditional tent.

The best tent cot that I recommend is the GYMAX Camping Tent Cot, but you can also find budget-friendly and other one to two-person options.

No matter where you are going camping next, consider one of the best tent cots for a night of better sleep.