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Complete Survival guides and tips, with everything you need to know while camping and hiking:

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Repelling mosquitoes in the wild
Drying wood after rain
Cooking without fire
Camping gear with tent and campfire

Honest and in-depth reviews on camping gear, equipment and supplies for campers and backpackers, including:

Camping equipment and supplies
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Objective and detailed hiking gear and equipment reviews, covering topical hiking tips to help with outdoor experience including:

Hiking shoes and boots reviews
Hiking clothes
Hiking backpacks
Hiking supplies and essentials
Backpacking gear
Ultralight backpacking

Our Top Category Picks

DIY Smokeless Fire Pit

DIY Smokeless Fire Pit

You can build a DIY smokeless fire pit using pavers and a fire ring. The larger the fire pit the larger its smokeless flame will…

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We are a team of outdoor enthusiasts passionate about exploring nature and helping others enjoy camping, hiking and backpacking

Our mission is to provide information and resources that promote safe outdoor adventures. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or a beginner backpacker, we’re here to help you plan and provide simple yet effective survival tips for your next trip.

What is a hot tent

Hot Tent Camping Guide

Are you looking to wake up to a warm shelter, enjoy nature without freezing and stay cozy no matter the weather when you are out…

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Clear top tent setup in a forest

5 Best Clear Top Tents

One of the best ways to fully experience nature and the night sky when you go camping is with a clear-top tent. Clear-top tents let…

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Glamping setup

8 Best Glamping Ideas for Beginners

Tent glamping offers an extraordinary way to fully immerse yourself in nature’s enchanting wonders while enjoying utmost comfort. Whether you’re a family seeking cherished moments…

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How we evaluate and recommend hiking and camping essentials

At Survival Topic, our seasoned experts provide knowledge about surviving in nature by providing tips such as winterizing tents, natural ways to keep mosquitoes away, homemade insect/bug repellents and so on.
We also carry out hiking, camping and backpacking gear and equipment reviews, which are backed by ratings and performance. Our in-depth reviews of every piece of equipment and accessory are based on a range of factors, including comfort, durability, affordability, weight and functionality.
In our research, we also explain what set of gear/accessories such as, hiking shoes & boots, backpacks and clothing are suitable for women and men including product recommendations for different environments and weather conditions.