How to Cook While Camping Without a Fire?

There are many places that do not allow fire which could be a problem. I’m here to give you a few tips and tricks on what I did when I had to go camping in a fire-prohibited area.

Cooking without fire:

  • Bring a camping stove
  • Prepare food at home
  • Bring no-cook foods
  • Bring freeze-dried meals

Let’s go ahead and explore all these different methods!

How do you cook without a fire?

1. Buy essential equipment

Cooking without fire

Camping stoves

There are many great and easily portable camping stoves. They are essential if you plan on cooking without fire.

Jetboil stoves are one of the most fuel-efficient stoves and have lots of great benefits. You can view them on their official website.

If you are interested, you can view a list of the best camping stoves here.

Bear Canisters

Bear canisters (cooking without fire)

These are essential for holding food. You cannot trust putting food into a measly plastic bag.

Bear canisters could be on the expensive side and aren’t extremely portable, but in my opinion, they are a necessity.

I keep all of my food in bear canisters because as in the name, it keeps animals away, and also provides a clean place to store my food.

Baro Cook

Not many people have been talking about this product but I find it extremely useful!

They are small packets that look like tea bags. Once you add water to that sucker, it heats up! I actually used these quite a bit during my trip.

You can read all the details and how it works here.

2. Prepare food at home

There are many ways to prepare food when going on a fireless expedition! One of the best ways I’ve found is to cook your food at home.

The only problem is that it can spill if it is not well sealed. This option is good for you if you cannot stand canned or freeze-dried meals.

There are many things that won’t go stale for a few days and are good for packing. I have compiled a list of healthy foods that won’t easily go stale below.

  • Quinoa: A great and healthy food. It has a lot of essential vitamins and tons of fiber.
  • Pizza: Pizza is also great but I recommend you cook one yourself. It’d be way healthier.
  • Chicken: One of the easiest and most popular meats. It’s great for packing a punch of protein!
  • Macaroni and cheese: This is another delicious food that won’t spoil easily. Although not as healthy, it’s delicious.
  • Pasta: This is a great food because it doesn’t spoil very easily. You can also make it extremely tasty with spices.

3. Bring no-cook foods

One of the easiest ways to get your calories on the go. No-cook foods are usually not a favorite because of their taste, but because of their portability.

I’ve created a list of no-cook foods that will be perfect on your next trip.

  • Cereal: This is a great way of getting calories in. Cereal can be eaten dry and is pretty delicious. There are also thousands of cereals to choose from.
  • Cold cuts: These are delicious meats that you can eat on the go. They are precooked and don’t require heating to taste good.
  • Bagels: Bagels are another genius way of getting your calories. These will fill you up quickly and you can make delicious bagel sandwiches!
  • Tuna salad: Where do I even start? This is one of the best ways to get protein on the go. It’s also incredibly delicious and can be combined with so many things! I put tuna salad in between my bagels and it was incredible.
  • Peanut butter: This is also incredibly delicious and packs a punch of flavor. You can also bring jelly as an addon.

4. Bring freeze dried meals

Freeze dried food - cooking without fire

If you are going camping without a fire, I highly recommend freeze-dried meals. These will fill you up and some don’t even require water.

Freeze Dried Meals are very compact and will fit in your bag easily. These are great for backpacking and camping.

Just remember to always bring extra water than expected on your camping trips not just for food but also for good measure.

Breakfast Meals

There are so many different breakfast meals to choose from! I have listed some below.

  • Eggs: Hard-boiled eggs are great and can survive multiple days without going bad. Try to store these in a cold, shady area so they can last longer.
  • Bacon: You can get pre-cooked bacon. It’s lightweight and it tastes delicious when cold. There is also no grease involved!
  • Powdered milk: Bring some cereal or some food that you usually eat with milk. Just add water and it tastes delicious!

Lunch Meals

There are some great lunch meals you can pack into your bag. Lunch is one of the most important meals of the day and helps you keep going.

There are some delicious options out there for freeze-dried lunch meals.

Most backpackers and campers eat breakfast first, then head out. Lunch portability does matter a lot in this instance.

Some great lunch meals I’ve found were:

  • Snack bars: These are great on the go and leave virtually no mess. They pack lots of great nutrients, just make sure to not throw the wrapper away in the wild!
  • Hummus: Also another food you would expect to spoil quickly but doesn’t. Hummus is very tasty and easily portable.
  • Cheeses: Cheese doesn’t actually spoil as easily as you might think. It can last a couple of days!
  • Cold cuts: As mentioned before, cold cuts can also make a great addition to your lunch.
  • Soup: There are a lot of great soup options out there. You can buy many brands like Lipton or Ramen. Just add some boiling water and you are good to go!
  • Pickles: Many people dislike them, but I personally love them! Pickles can add lots of flavor to your food and don’t spoil for days!
  • Pre-cut vegetables: Vegetables are necessary for nutrients. You can easily pack vegetables as well, and they last longer than you think.
  • Bread: Bread is also another quick and easy way of getting carbohydrates and calories into your system. Make sure to put it in a dry bag so it doesn’t collect moisture.

Dinner Meals

Lastly, dinner meals. What’s a good day without some delicious dinner?

Here are a bunch of meals:

  • Tortilla wraps: These are great for a quick delicious meal or for making great combos. You can add rice and beans inside.
  • Instant rice: There is so much stuff you can do with instant rice! You can add chicken to it, spices, everything. There’s a reason why rice is such a popular food.
  • Cheese powder: If you don’t want to bring actual cheese, you can always just bring cheese powder. It won’t spoil.
  • Spices: There are thousands of spices that can make any meal kick with flavor. What’s a meal without spices?
  • Instant grits: These are pretty delicious, especially when you add sugar. It makes a great, sweet dinner meal.
  • Instant potatoes: There is a lot you can do with potatoes as well. You can also make mashed potatoes with powdered milk!
  • Pasta: As mentioned before in this article pasta will also make an amazing dinner meal. There are tons of things you can add to it.
  • Baguettes: These are very tasty and can be fit anywhere. They are quick and filled with calories.
  • Chocolate: Not really a meal, but one of the best sweet things you can get. I love chocolate, and I love eating melted chocolate. It’s just like Nutella and can make great dips!

Welp, those were all of the meals! I hope you guys enjoyed the read and I wish you the best of luck on your next camping trip.