Best Slumberjack Sleeping Bags to Keep You Warm and Comfortable!

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Slumberjack has been making quality camping products for over six decades, and today we have some Slumberjack sleeping bag reviews. Their sleeping bags are some of the best, and they have a lot of options for all types of people and camping trips.

First, we’ll review eight of the best Slumberjack sleeping bags. Then we’ll compare them to help you choose the best one for you. Then we have some tips for buying Slumberjack sleeping bags, and finally, we answer some common questions about them. Once you have selected your sleeping pad, other essential things to consider for a good sleep while camping includes finding the best tent and camping gear.

Our Team’s Slumberjack Sleeping Bag Picks

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Best Slumberjack Sleeping Bags

1. Slumberjack Vertex Sleeping Bag

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The first Slumberjack sleeping bag review we have is the Vertex. This bag is more expensive than the Ultimate, but it is lightweight, compact, but still roomy.

The Vertex is 34” by 86”, so you have plenty of room inside to sleep without it being too big. Even though the sleeping bag gives you a lot of room, it zips tight, so you don’t have to worry about losing body heat.

The Slumberjack Vertex sleeping bag rolls up to 10” by 14” when you aren’t using it. It weighs just under four pounds, so you’ll have no problem carrying it, whether in your hiking backpack or just on quick walks to a campsite.

The Vertex will keep you warm in zero degrees Fahrenheit temperatures or warmer. The sleeping bag is made from polyester with an outer nylon lining. The flip-over hood is a great part of the sleeping bag since you have the option of a flat hood or a fully contoured hood to keep you comfortable and warm.

Slumberjack also sells a -20 degree Fahrenheit version of the sleeping bag if you plan to use the Vertex in even colder weather.

One of the best parts of the Slumberjack Vertex is that it has pockets on the inside of the bag. These are great for storing your phone, a flashlight, or anything other small items you want close or don’t want to lose.

2. Slumberjack Kepler Mummy Sleeping Bag

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The next Slumberjack sleeping bag we are reviewing is the Kepler. Like the Vertex, this mummy sleeping bag will keep you warm in temperatures as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

You’ll feel warm and cozy, even in the lowest temperatures, since the sleeping bag is made from wool. Inside the bag’s lining is Thermolite Extreme, a material that keeps the bag insulated, even if it gets wet.

You have multiple hood options with the Kepler’s flip-over hood, including using it flat or fully contoured.

The Kepler is one of the most compact sleeping bags. It weighs less than three and a half pounds, and it rolls up to 7.5” by 12”. But, when you’re ready to use it, it rolls out to 32” by 82”.

3. Slumberjack Glacier Mummy Sleeping Bag

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Another great mummy Slumberjack sleeping bag is the Glacier. Like the other bags, it will keep you warm in temperatures as long as 20 degrees Fahrenheit. The Glacier also comes in a 0-degree Fahrenheit version if you are camping in colder weather.

Inside the lining is a polyester material that is great for insulation without being too heavy or bulky. The Glacier expands to 32” by 82”, then folds up to a compact 10” by 20”. The carry weight is also very light at 2 pounds and 12 ounces.

Like the other bags, the hood can lay flat, or you can use it fully contoured for extra warmth. And, there is a trapezoid-shaped bottom that allows your feet to be comfortable without leaving too much space, which can make it difficult to keep in body heat.

4. Slumberjack Borderland Sleeping Bag

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Now, let’s review the Slumberjack Borderland Sleeping Bag, another mummy-style bag. The sleeping bag has a reversible hood like the others, and the boxy shape at the end of the sleeping bag keeps your feet comfortable.

The sleeping bag is quilted, which helps keep your body heat in and helps keep it distributed evenly throughout the sleeping bag. Another feature that helps keep you warm is the draft tube that runs along the sleeping bag’s edge. The draft tube keeps the cold air from getting into your bag.

The Borderland comes in two sizes. You can choose between the regular, which is 33” by 82” expanded, and the long, which is 35” by 87”. And, you can choose from two temperatures: 20 degrees Fahrenheit and 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

5. Slumberjack Baffin Mummy Sleeping Bag

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The most expensive but the nicest mummy sleeping bag we are reviewing is the Baffin. The best part of the Baffin is that it is made from a rip-proof polyester. While it is a pricier sleeping bag, it is made to last.

You’re sure to stay warm in 0-degree temperatures thanks to the 600+ Power Fill goose down on the inside of the sleeping bag. The insulation works well to keep warm air inside the sleeping bag while still being breathable, so you’ll feel comfortable without getting cold.

Even though the sleeping bag is thick to keep you warm, it’s still lightweight and compact. When it’s folded up, it’s 8” by 18”, and it expands to 32” by 82”. You’ll have no problem carrying it since it’s just under three and a half pounds.

As with the other mummy sleeping bags, the hood has a flat and a fully contoured option.

6. Slumberjack Meridian Trapezoid Sleeping Bag

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Now, we’re going to switch away from mummy bags to a trapezoid sleeping bag with the Slumberjack Meridian. The Meridian works best in 50 degrees Fahrenheit, and there is no hood since you do not have to keep heat inside the sleeping bag.

Since this is a warm-weather sleeping bag, it is one of the most lightweight. The Meridian only weighs 2 pounds and 3 ounces. And it also folds up into the smallest size of all the Slumberjack sleeping bags. When folded, the sleeping bag has an 8” by 6” carry size. Then, it expands to 32” by 78.”

Even though it is lightweight, you’ll still be comfy inside the Meridian sleeping bag, thanks to its wool lining.

7. Slumberjack Tour Lite Trapezoid Sleeping Bag

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Slumberjack has another great trapezoid sleeping bag called the Tour Lite. The Tour Lite has a hood like the mummy bags, but it is better for warmer weather. And, it has a wide foot area that will help you stay comfortable.

The Tour Lite will keep you warm in cooler temperatures than the Meridian bag. The Tour Lite works best in 40-degree or warmer temperatures.

The best part of this sleeping bag is that, as the name suggests, it only weighs two pounds and one ounce, making it the lightest Slumberjack sleeping bag. The lightweight Thermolite Extreme insulation inside the bag keeps you warm without making the sleeping bag heavy or bulky, even when it gets wet.

The sleeping bag is also compact and will roll up to 7.5” by 12”. When it is rolled out, it is 32” by 78”.

8. Slumberjack Solera Sleeping Bag

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Finally, we have a sleeping bag made for women. The Slumberjack Solera Sleeping Bag is smaller and lighter than the other bags.

A smaller bag is nice for women or anyone else who is smaller. Smaller people do not need the extra space provided by the other sleeping bags we have reviewed. Extra space means more that needs to be heated, so you will not stay as warm in the bag.

When it’s expanded, the Solera is 28” by 76”, and the carry size is compact at 9.5” by 12”. The sleeping bag’s weight is just 3 pounds and 2 ounces.

Even though it is small and lightweight, the Solera is made for temperatures as low as 15 degrees Fahrenheit. The hood, torso, and foot areas have extra insulation, and the entire sleeping bag is lined with fleece to keep you warm.

Buying guide questions: What to Look for in a Slumberjack Sleeping Bag

When choosing a Slumberjack sleeping bag, the most important factor is the temperature you need it for. If you are camping in freezing cold weather, you want something to keep you warm, like a 0 or 20-degree Fahrenheit bag. And, if you are camping in warm weather, don’t get anything that will make you too hot.

You should also consider how heavy the sleeping bag is. If you already have a lot of gear you are beginning on your trip or hiking long distances, choose a lighter sleeping bag. But, if you are prioritizing warmth and are fine to carry something heavier, don’t worry about the weight as much as the insulation.

Finally, you should consider what is in your price range. Do not spend money you don’t have on a sleeping bag, but sometimes spending a little more and not just choosing the cheapest can be worth it for comfort.

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Sleeping Pad Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about Slumberjack Sleeping Bags.

Verdict: Which Sleeping Bag is Best?

As you now know from our reviews, Slumberjack sleeping bags are great products, and there’s one for every camper. The best overall sleeping bag is the Slumberjack Glacier since it has everything you need in a good sleeping bag.

If you want something budget-friendly, the Slumberjack Borderland Sleeping Bag is relatively low cost, and it comes in multiple kinds, so you have good options.

But, if you want to buy a luxury Slumberjack bag, the Baffin Mummy Sleeping Bag is made to last a long time, and the higher price will be worth it.

From all of these Slumberjack sleeping bag reviews, we can conclude that Slumberjack has an amazing variety of bags to choose from, no matter what you are looking for.