X Series 24 Smokeless Fire Pit Review

Breeo’s X Series 24 Smokeless Fire Pit is a premium product made for home and commercial use. This fire pit is not ideal for camping given its premium finish and large size.

The below information will help you purchase Breeo’s X Series 24 Smokeless Fire Pit.

Why choose X Series 24 Smokeless Fire Pit?

Breeo is one of the most trusted fire pit manufacturers in the US. Designed and made in Pennsylvania, the X Series 24 smokeless fire pits are class-leading in terms of design and aesthetics.

The elegant design of these fire pits often sees them around hotels, lodges, and homes. They’re not the most cost-efficient solution to carry in camp. They aren’t even the lightest fire pits which means they aren’t truly portable.

However, the customization options of the fire pit make it an excellent choice for a wide range of uses which include elevating the look of the backyard. The large 27.5 inch design of the fire pit also recommends a fire pit for a large relaxing fire with almost no smoke.

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Premium design

Breeo is known as a brand that creates beautiful products. The X Series 24 is no exception. This fire pit is among the most impressive in terms of minimalism, a concept in which many steel fire pits haven’t managed to launch products in.

Breoo strives for a simple design. A perfectly flat sear plate, flat walls, and simple square legs make this smokeless fire pit almost of an industrial influence.

This also means its design isn’t the most appropriate for camping where efficiency is more important.

Integrated sear plate

The integrated sear plate of the X Series 24 makes it one of the ideal options for quick grilling. This separates Breeo’s fire pit from almost all of its alternatives that need some type of grilling accessory for cooking.

A quick burger with grilled vegetables can be prepared on the wide sear plate of the X Series 24. 

We have also covered what to look for in smokeless fire pits in a separate article.

A balanced option (compared to X19 and X30 series)

The X Series from Breem comes in 22.1 inches, 27.5 inches (the X24), and 34.5 inches. The mid-size of the X24 recommend it for groups and families. This fire pit is large enough for multiple people to sit around for and stay warm. 

A choice between corten steel and stainless steel

Corten steel and stainless steel are both top materials for fire pits. However, the choice between corten and stainless steel is mainly in the apanage of Breeo.

Customers specifically looking for a different look will favor Breeo as they have the option of corten steel. This durable material is known for developing a natural patina in time and it maintains a type of industrial steel look that other smokeless fire pits don’t offer.

Breeo offers the corten steel X Series 24 as standard material. A more different look that doesn’t fade away as easily is stainless steel. However, the X Series 24 in a stainless steel version costs more.

Top accessories

Breeo is also one of the top brands in terms of quality accessories for fire pits. The US-based manufacturer offers a wide range of good accessories which further improve the functionality of the fire pit towards grilling. However, the X Series 24 remains a fire pit even with all Breeo accessories. Among the worthy accessories, users recommend the following.

Outpost grill – good for grilling basic foods

Lid – recommended keeping water out of the fire pit

Kettle hook – ideal for hot drinks

Spark screen – safety-orientated accessory

Ash shovel – a 90-degree shovel with a long handle to easily remove ash

X Series 24 Smokeless Fire Pit Top Specifications

  • 27.5 in outside diameter
  • Made from pure steel
  • Designed for smokeless fire

Our favorite features

  • High-quality finish
  • Made in the US
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty

Our least favorite features

  • Not suitable for camp use
  • Spark screen sold separately
  • A stainless steel version is more expensive


The X Series 24 is one of the most reliable smokeless steel fire pits in the US. It’s backed by Breeo’s impressive lifetime warranty, a policy that speaks for itself when it comes to expected longevity. The capacity to choose between corten and stainless steel also makes this fire pit a bit more customizable than others.

X Series 24 Smokeless Fire Pit FAQs