5 Top Rated Stand-Up Tents in 2023

tents tall enough to stand up in

The best stand-up tents have a minimum center height of 72 inches. Tents you can stand up in can be as tall as 80 inches. The extra room is ideal for those who want to stand up or people who simply want to spend more time inside the tent.

Stand-up tents are typically made to accommodate more campers. They are often made for families or groups. It’s rare to find a single-person stand-up tent or a 2-person stand-up tent. However, there are a few good solutions that allow you to walk or stand inside.

Our Team’s Stand-Up Tent Picks

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The following tents are ideal for camping and hiking. Made with an easy setup design, they accommodate tall campers, and they’re ideally made with a tall ceiling that allows campers to stand up.

5 Best Stand-Up Tents

1. Bushnell Shield Series 6

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With a center height of 72 inches, the Bushnell Shield Series 6 is one of the ideal tents you can stand up in. It almost allows all people to fully stand up inside. Its center point is the tallest part of the tent and the ideal place to stretch the legs while standing up.

The tent is available in 3 versions. Its 6-people version is the most popular due to its roomy interior. Furthermore, it makes for an ideal family tent.

Apart from its height, the Bushnell Shield Series 6 is also popular due to its materials. These luxury materials come with a reflective coating. A cooling effect is the main reason to get a reflective coating tent. It reflects some of the rays of the Sun, making it a cool place to sleep in during the summer.

The design itself is easy to pitch. This means it only takes a few minutes to install the tent. The poles come pre-attached (they can be removed) to the tent so there’s no time wasted with assembly also making it easy to pitch for beginners.

2. Coleman Camping Tent

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If durability is at least as important as the ability to stand up, Coleman’s camping tent is the right choice for campers. This tent is the highest in its central area where it measures 6 feet 4 inches. Ideal for tall campers, it accommodates up to 8 sleepers who can benefit from restful sleep. The tent blocks outs almost all outer light.

A few small updates make this tent highly durable. Its bottom part is designed similarly to a tub so it keeps all water out. Its corners are welded with a patented design to keep water out. Furthermore, this tent uses inverted zippers so no water droplet makes it inside.

Testing shows the tent can also be considered in difficult weather camping. It holds up well without extra reinforcements in winds of up to 35 miles per hour.

The design of the tent is also practical for the campers. It features a larger door which allows easier access and easy maneuverability for large objects such as sleeping mattresses.

3. Hikergarden 6-Person Tent

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This practical tent is available at a low price. It features 74 inches in height for campers who want to stand up frequently. Ideal for families and small groups, it’s a tent that easily fits multiple sleeping bags while also offering sufficient storage space for backpacks and other camping gear.

Ventilation is a priority in large tents and Hikergarden did a good job maintaining good airflow. Multiple mesh windows, mesh doors, and a mesh ceiling makes it an ideal summertime camping tent. The mesh ceiling is also ideal for stargazing.

A rainfly is included in the pack. Campers can install it on the tent to stay dry and to keep water out when camping out in the rain. Made with waterproof polyester materials, the tent is still lightweight as it can be carried by a single person when packed down in its travel bag.

4. Core 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent

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Campers need family tents for an even taller height. This is the case with the large Core instant tent which has a height of 78 inches. This allows most people to stand up while inside. The tent is also ideally configured for AC cooling as it features an electrical cord access point.

This tent is made with extra attention to detail. Its seams are heat-sealed first so that water doesn’t get through as in most other large tents. It features multiple windows and a removable rainfly. Its roof is entirely made out of mesh which allows extra ventilation inside. It also works as a cool tent for summertime camping.

Quick pitch setup best characterizes its design. The tent comes with telescoping support poles which are already attached. These poles are easily installed by 1-2 people. Another smart design aspect is given by its doors. This tent features access doors as tall as the tent itself making for easy access.

5. Alps Mountaineering Camp Creek

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With almost straight sidewalls, this tent is ideal for those who want to stand up in any area, not just in the middle of the tent. Ideal for tall campers, it’s also a top tent for a queen-size mattress.

The design of the tent is also orientated towards durability and all-season use. It’s made with rainfly awnings so that there’s more wind and rain protection when camping in the fall or the spring.

But the tent is mainly used for summertime camping. This is the ideal time to remove its rainfly and there are a few benefits to camping without it. From allowing more natural light inside to benefiting from a mesh ceiling for star gazing, the tent shows its full list of benefits during the summer.

Buying Guide Questions – What to Look For When Buying a Stand-Up Tent?

Buying a tent you can stand up in sounds like a difficult task. There are a few characteristics that can make the purchase easier.

# 1 – Absolute and relative height

The first thing to have in mind when seeing tent sizes is taking absolute height and relative height into account. The highest point of a tent is marked as tent height. However, this is often the central point of the tent. All other areas of the tent are typically shorter. Absolute height is the maximum height of the tent whole relative height is the average height around the tent. In other words, a tent that is 74 inches tall might only be 74 inches tall in the center and 68-70 inches tall in all other areas.

# 2 – Wall angles

The angle of the walls is also important when prioritizing a tent to stand up in. The more vertical these walls are the more space to stand-up tent has. Unfortunately, most tents that are made for 2-3 people are not known for vertical walls. These are only seen in large tents that are normally made for at least 6 people. This is why the best stand-up tent is typically a large tent that accommodates at least 6 campers.

Wall angles are also important in other areas of the tent such as storage space. Vertical walls are known as ideal places to add pockets. Inner tent pockets are ideal for storing accessories and keeping personal belongings such as phones and wallets off the floor.

# 3 – Size

The size of the tent is a crucial indicator of its suitability as a tent to stand up in. The larger the tent the higher the chances of having sufficient space to stand up are. You can find large tents at almost any tent manufacturer. A large tent should also be practical and easy to pitch. The biggest drawback of large tents that are also good for standing up in is they can sometimes take a long time to pitch. Some of these tents also require 2-people pitching.

# 4 – Materials

The materials of the tent are crucial for durability, breathability, and comfort. Most materials of modern tents are nylon and polyester. Canvas tents are also common, especially for wintertime camping. Waterproofing is essential for all of these materials. Refer to this article for additional information on how you can winterize your tent.

# 5 – Ventilation

Large tents need better ventilation than small tents. Air needs to circulate properly since the tent is used by more sleepers than a 2-person tent. You can choose any large tent as long as it has large doors, mesh windows, and large windows in general. Ventilation is also possible on tents that come with a removable rainfly. Sleeping with 6 other people in a hot tent during the summer nights is considerably easier when the tent features a mesh ceiling and a removable rainfly.

# 6 – Versatility

The tent needs to be versatile for multiple seasons. All-season tents are made for summer, spring, and fall, unlike their name suggests. Wintertime tents are made with thicker materials that offer better thermal protection. Both all-season and winter tents can prove versatile if they are made with a simple pitching design.

# 7 – Pitching

Tent pitching is an important area to consider when buying large tents you can stand up in. instant tents aren’t available at this size. However, tents with easy or quick pitching are available even in a large size. Poles that are pre-attached to the tent make pitching considerably easier. Tents that require campers to attach the poles might take a long time to pitch.

# 8 – Wind resistance

Taller tents also need to resist high winds. Proper pole support and durable materials are essential from this perspective. The tents recommended above have proven efficiency in winds of up to 30-35 mph. This type of wind speed is considered high and it might be an extreme camping condition for most campers.

# 9 – Waterproofing

The larger the higher the chances of leaking are. Large tents suitable for standing up need to be made with proper waterproofing. Areas such as the corners on the bottom of the tent need to be sealed. Seams also need to be made with proven materials that don’t allow leaks.

Tents You Can Stand Up In – Frequently Asked Questions


Bushnell Shield Series 6 is the overall ideal stand-up tent. Practical with large doors and large windows, the tent is ideal for quick ventilation and queen-size mattresses. Most importantly, it allows campers to stand up inside which makes it roomier and more comfortable.