Here’s Why Quilts Are Better Than Sleeping Bags

So you’ve read a bit online, but still can’t pick between a quilt or a sleeping bag? No problem! Here are a few reasons why you should choose a quilt over a sleeping bag.

  1. They are much lighter
  2. They are a lot more portable
  3. They cost a lot less
  4. They can be adjusted based on the weather
  5. They offer a lot more movement while sleeping
  6. A lot less moisture inside
  7. No drafts (if you set them up correctly)
  8. No annoying zippers
  9. Much easier to get in and out of

Why Choose a Quilt over a Sleeping Bag? 

Quilts are much lighter

As you’ve probably heard, quilts are a lot lighter than sleeping bags, and I think this is one of the main reasons you should get one.

With your average sleeping bag being around 3 lbs, and your average quilt being around 1 lb 5 oz, quilts are nearly two times as light.

If quilts are a lot lighter, then they probably have a lot less material, right? Yep.

Quilts don’t have a backside, along with a lot of other useless materials that companies who sell sleeping bags use to pump the price up.

I contrasted quilts and sleeping bags in a separate article, where I explain to you how the backside of sleeping bags is useless as it does not even keep you warm.

Instead, it adds a lot of unwanted weight, and the lightweight of a quilt is definitely one of the reasons that I switched to it.

Quilts are very portable

Since they are made of fewer materials, and so it’s natural to assume that they might be a bit more portable than sleeping bags.

Not just a bit, quilts are a lot more portable than sleeping bags and here’s why.

When a sleeping bag is compressed, it can get to about the size of a soccer ball, maybe even a bit larger.

However when you compress your quilt, it’s actually more around the size of a softball, so you can stick them absolutely anywhere!

They won’t take up too much space, and this is another reason that I’d choose a quilt over a sleeping bag.

Quilts cost a lot less

Don’t even get me started on the prices. An average sleeping bag will cost you around $150, with the higher quality ones costing you north of $500.

And let me tell you, some of these stories that I’ve heard from people who use cheaper sleeping bags – well, they’re not too pretty.

So if you want a sleeping bag, you’re looking at around a $500 price mark, unless of course, you want to get a low-quality one.

I mean come on, paying this much for a little blanket that you can wrap your body in?

No thanks! I think I’ll be fine sticking with my $280 quilt that offers me a lot more benefits than just the cheaper price.

Quilts work with all types of weather

Yep, you don’t have to go shopping to get a 5-degree sleeping bag, then maybe a 15-degree sleeping bag, oh and if it gets a bit warmer, then maybe even a 45-degree sleeping bag.

I mean come on, isn’t that just absurd?

Sleeping bags force you to get one depending on the weather, and if you make the wrong choice, well, then you’re either going to be very hot or very cold.

With quilts, you can simply make do with them no matter what the weather looks like.

I like to think of quilts sort of like a blanket.

For example, if it gets really cold, I can just tie my quilt down around my feet and neck to keep me warm or even toss on a beanie if my head is freezing.

If it’s warm, on the other hand, I can stick a leg out or untuck myself a little bit so that I can still experience the nice outside breeze and cool myself down.

I love the versatility that quilts offer, and that is another huge point that has definitely won me over to their side.

Quilts do not restrict you

If you like to feel a bit more encased or trapped in while sleeping, then by all means go and get an overpriced sleeping bag.

But if you’re like me, and you like to move around a lot and feel free in your sleep, then come join my side and get a quilt.

As I said, quilts are pretty much like blankets, they’re a lot freer, and especially more so if you get a wide quilt.

Simply strap on the quilt to your sleeping pad, and voila – you can move around all you want and not worry about any cold wind coming in.

Quilts have a lot less moisture inside

Unlike with sleeping bags, when you’re using a quilt your head is actually outside and not in.

This means that your quilt is a lot less likely to absorb the moisture from your breathing or sweating, making it a lot less moist inside.

Quilts have no drafts

Even though quilts have no drafts, a lot of people like to believe the myth that they do.

For those of you that don’t know what a draft is, it’s basically unwanted cold air or winds coming inside of the quilt or sleeping bag.

As long as you strap up your quilt to your sleeping pad or use the cinch cords to tie it around the areas you want to protect, quilts also have no drafts.

If you want to be fully draft proof, simply get a wider quilt so that you can safely wrap it around your entire body or sleeping pad.

Quilts have no annoying zippers

Yep, quilts do not have any zippers, as I said, they’re pretty much exactly like a blanket.

One of the things I hate most about sleeping bags is the zippers because if you move a lot in your sleep you can easily cut yourself on a zipper.

Also, sometimes the zippers get stuck, and not only can that be a safety hazard in case of an emergency, but it can also be very annoying if you happen to get stuck in your bag because of it.

Quilts are much easier to get in and out of

In order to get out of your quilt, all you have to do is just turn it over and hop on out.

With sleeping bags you have to unzip the zipper, then pull yourself out, and quite frankly, I find doing all that work very annoying.

I love the simplicity of quilts, and that is yet another reason that I am on their side and not supporting sleeping bags.

Hopefully, my article and reasons have persuaded you to switch to a quilt.

If not, be sure to tell me why you’ll be sticking with a sleeping bag in the comments below.